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Town of Branford

Branford is a small, friendly town nestled on the banks of the Suwannee River, where pride in family, community and patriotism create a wonderful quality of life.  It is a peaceful, rural area of natural beauty balancing the old with the new.

Branford is a major Hub on the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail.  The river widens along the lower Suwannee near Branford.  Sandy banks become lower and slope gently toward the river. Located in the heart of Florida's spring and river country, Branford is 20 minutes from High Springs, Live Oak, and Mayo-towns along the "Antique Trail."

Branford features many businesses including hotels/motels, convenience stores, restaurants, outfitters and many others. This is a great town for refreshing supplies or setting up base camp.

                                  Photo by Doug Alderson
                                    Suwannee River at Ivy Memorial Park


Branford Outfitters  -  Equipping Your Outdoor Adventure on the Historic Suwannee and Santa Fe Rivers       (386) 854-1002       branfordoutfitters.com
USGS Stream flow Gages
Water gauge at Branford

Places to Eat  

Belly Busters
508 US Highway 27 SW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-0581

China House
508 Plant Ave SW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 435-1210

Cuzin's Cafe
804 Suwannee Ave NW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-0985

404 US Highway 27 SW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-3979

Sisters Cafe
208 Suwannee Ave NW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-6989

Sprinkles Ice Cream & Hot Dog Shop
102 Suwannee Ave SW
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-6637

507 US Highway 27 SE
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-0121

The Gathering Cafe
26804 SR247
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-2768


Places to Stay

Steamboat Dive Inn
Corner, US Highway 27 and 129
Branford, FL  32008            (386) 935-2283   

Suwannee River Greenway at Branford
Railroad heritage and renowned rivers provide opportunities to experience history and nature along the the Suwannee River Greenway at Branford. The greenway is home to a rewarding rail-trail that provides beautiful views of old Florida. The Suwannee River marks the trail's western terminus while the Ichetucknee River is located at the east end. From river to river, the trail is approximately 12 miles. Ichetucknee Springs State Park and Branford Springs are also nearby to enjoy a swim and tube ride. This trail is one you don't want to miss when visiting the Original Florida.


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