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The City of Blountstown was named for John Blount, a Seminole Indian Chief.  Blount was a guide for General Andrew Jackson who invaded Spanish Florida in 1818.  This invasion caused the United States to purchase Florida from Spain and the territory became a part of the US in 1821.

Soon cotton planters settled the rich river bottomland and planted cotton which supplied clothing mills in England.  The cotton industry used steamboats on the Apalachicola River to travel from Columbus, Georgia to Apalachicola.  The cotton economy declined after the Civil War.  The timber industry sustained the local economy with large tracts of land furnished with trees which were floated down the Apalachicola River on rafts and manufactured into lumber.

In 1880, Blountstown became the County seat of Calhoun County and a courthouse was built near the river.  In 1903, another courthouse was constructed in "new" Blountstown.  This courthouse was used until 1973 when the new courthouse was constructed.  However, the old courthouse has been restored and is listed as an historic Florida landmark.

Fascinating residents of Blountstown have included the late Fuller Warren, former Governor of Florida, as well as Everett Yon, a native of Blountstown who was honored at the University of Florida, with the creation of Yon Hall


Paddling Apalachicola River


Paddling the Apalachicola River 

Blountstown Community Information


Historic Courthouse 

                            Panhandle Pioneer Settlement    

The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement, a living-history museum in Blountstown, Florida, has a collection of 18 historical buildings, dating from 1820 to the 1940's.

17869 NW Pioneer Settlement Road, Sam Atkins Park, Blountstown,  32424    

(850) 674-2777


Panhandle Pioneer Museum 

Pioneer Museum 



Blountstown Greenway

A ribbon of asphalt that connects communities and parks within the historic Apalachicola River, town of Blountstown, the Blountstown Greenway is ideal for walking or biking and, in part, serves as a path for the Florida Trail through the center of town.  Heavily shaded by deep upland forest for much of the journey, it connects Sam Atkins Park, home of the Panhandle Pioneer Settlelment, at the western edge of town with Neal Landing along the Apalachicola River, a 3.9 mile journey.







M & B Railroad Depot Museum & Park

Corner of Railroad Avenue and North Pear Street in downtown Blountstown.

(850) 674-5040

Places to Stay: Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce

  • Airport Motel - 21901 State Road 20E - Blountstown, FL  32424 (850-674-8168)
  • Scott's Ferry General Store & Campground - 6648 State Road 71S - Blountstown, FL (850-674-2900)
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Blountstown welcomes RiverTrek 2014

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