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The Cedar Keys are a cluster of islands in the Gulf of Mexico near the western mainland of Levy County, Florida.  The islands are rich in history dating all the way back to the Second Seminole War when the United States established a fort on Depot Key.  The City of Cedar Key is located on the largest of these islands.  During the mid to late 1800's, Cedar Key was growing and thriving economically due to a busy shipping port and being the last stop on the Florida Railroad running west.  In 1850 the US Congress even voted to fund a lighthouse on Seahorse Key.

In the later part of the 1800's the service of the Tampa railroad took shipping away from Cedar Key and caused the area to decline.  At the start of the twentieth century, fishing and oystering became the major industries became the major industries of Cedar Key.  IN 1929 President Hoover named three of the islands as breeding ground for colonial birds and established the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge.  In 1994 the State of Florida enacted the net ban that caused another economic blow to the local community.

Today Cedar Key has a population of less than a thousand residents.  Tourism and clam farming are what drives the local economy.  The town is characterized as a small fishing village.  It is a gathering place for the local artist and nature lovers.  The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Festival is held annually each April and the Seafood Festival is held annually in October.  Cedar Key attracts thousands of visitors each year.  The old lighthouse on Seahorse Key is still used today as a Marine Biology lab for the University of Florida.  It is open to the public on a limited basis.  Cedar Key offers a fantastic place for kayaking, swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, and many more outdoor activities.  It is a nature lover's paradise and known as a conservation conscience community.  The city promotes a clean environment with its recycling efforts and its annual Coastal Clean-Up and Clean Marina events.  Many of the islands hotels and motels are designated as "Green Lodging."  A trip to Cedar Key is truly a step back in time to "Old Florida."

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