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There were a noticeable number of sulfur springs  below Brannon's ford, where the Florida Southern was laying its tracks, spanning the Peace River.  "Zolfo" commented the Italians on the construction crew--- "sulfur" in their language--- and the name stuck.  "Springs" was added later.

But phosphate proved to be a more significant find.   Its  presence in the Peace River bed sparked a mining boom a few years later, thanks particularly to George Washington Scott, who set up a plant just north of Zolfo ---and the area prospered.

Cattle raising, orange groves, vegetable farms became the economic base, as phosphate mining moved out of the river and into Bone Valley where operations became more sophisticated. 

Zolfo Springs is also home to Pioneer Park which celebrates these early days with a museum, vintage buildings, an old locomotive.  The park offers recreation facilities and camping, along with a charming little wildlife refuge. Once a year,  a county fair, "Pioneer Days," is held there

In winter, the population is increased by a large number of "snowbirds" who settle down in the town's  constellation of RV parks.

               Zolfo Springs Civic Center                                          Historic Marker

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                 Cracker Trail Museum                                          Wildlife Refuge

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  • Pioneer Park
  • Little Cyprus Golf Course

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  • Pioneer Restaurant 2902 US Hwy 17S, Zolfo Springs,  863-735-0726
  • Acapulco Cafe    3410 Hwy 17S, Zolfo Springs,  863-735-0677


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  • Pioneer Park

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