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Missions of the FPTA

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FPTA Missions

1.        Develop Water Trails


a.       Help Develop New Water Trails and Blueways:

i.   Form teams with local government and communities to plan the development and use of trails and blueways.

ii.  Using the “Trail Town” concept created by the Florida Trail Association, develop trails, blueways and programs to help boost local economies.


b.       Establish Campsites & Launches: 

i.   Make improvements, add campsites, and launches where needed.

ii.  Create new campsites with willing private land owners.


c.        Coordinate with Land & Water Managers:

i.   Learn when management plans will be updated/revised and become involved in the process.

ii.  Coordinate with land and water managers about water trail development.


2.       Protect the Environment


a.       Offer environmental training to paddlers: Paddler's Environmental Toolkit Training educates paddlers on how to identify environmental problems, solve the small problems and report the large ones.


b.       Participate in N.O.A.A. Plankton Monitoring Program: We are partnering with the National Ocean & Atmospheric Association (N.O.A.A.) for their plankton monitoring program along Florida's coastline. They will train our Trail Keepers to be able to identify plankton (including red tide) and to report their results to N.O.A.A. 


c.        Assist with coastal and river cleanups:

i.   Work with Ocean Conservancy on Florida Coastal Cleanup.

ii.  The FPTA will clean up rivers/campsites and assist other organizations.


3.       A Resource & Voice For Paddlers


a.       Publish information on all of Florida's water trails:

i.    Provide detailed information on places to paddle throughout the state.

ii.   Post trip reports from people who have paddled Florida's water trails.

iii. Publish launch points, campsites, and sights along the water trails.

iv.  List outfitters, hotels and other businesses along Florida's water trails.


b.       Develop the Florida Paddling Community:

i.    Build relationships with Paddle Clubs, Outfitters, Businesses, and Governments.

ii.   Ensure that the FPTA website is a one-stop resource for Florida paddlers.

iii. Engage local communities in water trail planning, design and stewardship.

iv.  Determine club needs which FPTA might help fulfill (e.g. free Club Site software provided by Prosirius Technologies).


c.        Act as a voice for paddlers:

Monitor events which are important to paddlers (e.g. boat registration), keep paddlers informed and speak out for paddlers.


d.       Provide paddler education:

Be a resource for paddlers concerning education on the environment, safety and other paddling trail issues.


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