Florida Paddling Trails Association

Paddler Code of Ethics

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1.    Respect all of Florida's waterways and their unique characteristics, whether still, flat-water or Gulf/Ocean current.

2.    Learn and follow all State of Florida Boating Regulations, navigation rules and vessel safety equipment requirements. Federal regulations may also apply to your paddling venue.

3.    Practice with and learn to use all of your safety equipment. Once you are capsized is not the time to learn of your own or your equipment's capabilities.

4.    Paddle only at your experience level. Take lessons from a qualified instructor.

5.    Respect all wildlife and critical distances to minimize/reduce negative impacts. Practice passive hands-off observation.

6.    Become educated about and protect critical habitats and environments. Practice the “Leave No Trace” principles.

7.    Respect private property, do not alter existing paddle trails and plan your outing accordingly.

8.    Understand that the public will judge our paddle sports community based on the actions of the individual paddler.


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